Welcome, Oliver!

A warm welcome to Oliver along with the Palka-Grudenic family...dad Igor, mom Magda, brother Phillipe and grandma too! It was a busy first day but Oliver handled a half day with stride and appetite :) He like some others here loves his snack and Shlok had to defend his crackers at morning snack from Oliver’s reaching fingers....”No Oliver” said Shlok learning quickly! After some solo standing on realizing he is on his own, he decided Teacher Vrinda’s carrying is better. Post snack though he was set to explore and socialize. Another journey begins and we all look forward to it. We needed to be indoors today and the children were a bit wound up taking longer to rest. A new bulgur wheat salad was also something that needed work for some while others enjoyed the lemony salad. Mindfulness leson with Teacher Deepti was fun too. Here are notes about the lesson from her. “We started our session by getting into our mindful bodies. We read a book called ‘I am Kind’. We learned how one can be kind and discussed how we have been kind in the past. We all practiced breathing techniques like clap1,2,3, snake breath and Doggy breath :). Doggy breath was our creation from mountain breath. We all enjoyed breathing like doggies! We learned alphabet stretching. We tried making letter A and C with our bodies. We finally lay down and listened to the music. We imagined ourselves as gigantic apple tree whose roots grew deep into the earth. We picked an apple and started to eat. This was the most delicious, crunchy and juicy apple. We imagined this nice feeling go inside our bodies. We all sat up very quietly to listen to the sound of the bell. We raised our hands when we couldn’t hear the bell anymore. This way we practice mindful listening.” 






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