Happy 5th Birthday, Aria!

Today we kicked off the 5th and culminating birthday celebrations with Aria’s birthday. An extra candle for the new year 6 journey that commences today. Our congratulations to the Shah family on this key milestone. Baby Aria, Toddler Aria, Preschooler Aria of the past are ready for the 5-10 year journey...kindergarten, elementary school awaits as does increasing independence. May you always shine, live confidently and enjoy all life has to offer. Happy Birthday to you from all of us at Avid Kids Circle.

The day was celebrated with our own traditions, cake baking of choice in the morning, Birthday book reading, park of choice (blue park in this case), cake cutting in the evening. The birthday talk and lesson was very interesting especially the question from Aria “Why do we read the same book?”. The discussion turned to traditions...a new word for the kids :) We recognized many traditions like the book reading, cake baking, cake cutting, candle blowing, singing the birthday song, wearing new clothes, receiving presents and more. Reviewing each person’s birthday month and age was fun too. This allows each one to think about themselves and their own birthday to come in the future.

We hope Aria, you enjoyed the day and get more favorite specials. A milestone needs memories :)

See you all tomorrow. 






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