Mindful Heart

Being cold and also mindfulness lesson day, we stayed out for just an hour. There is much talk of Aria’s 5th birthday tomorrow which we are all looking forward to. Below is the share from Teacher Deepti for the lesson today. “We started our session by getting into our mindful bodies. We all practiced breathing techniques like blowing the candle, elephant breath, clap1,2,3. We learned a new breathing technique-Mountain breath! We continued reading the book on feelings. We talked about being angry and thankful. We discussed how and when we felt angry and thankful. We finally lay down and listened to the music. We imagined a gigantic heart shaped balloon in front of us. We talked about our personal feelings to the balloon. We made heart shape with our hands and let that balloon go in the air. We waved goodbye to the balloon. We all sat up very quietly to listen to the sound of the bell. We raised our hands when we couldn’t hear the bell anymore. This way we practice mindful listening.” 







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