Post Holiday Updates

A welcome back to all after the short 4-day weekend which flew by. Sounds like all the kids enjoyed their time at home and between yesterday and today we are back in the groove again. Health-wise, we still have a residual cough/cold continuing for some in the classroom though it is getting better. Teachers Vrinda and Elizabeth ended up catching some of it too and are shaking it off...almost there. All doctor screens have placed it as the usual cough-cold where followed up. It helps to have the doctor follow ups to make sure it’s a common contagion and does not require any prescribed treatment. We had a new case of low grade fever today. We hope that clears in another day too. Hang in there. Have the children eat, rest and sleep well. We are missing Kenzie who continues to recover from her cough. Aria is spending time with family in LA and thus missing this week. Teacher Melanie has been missing too. She is taking a pre-planned family vacation. Teacher Barbora is on vacation too this week due to school ski week. The children have been asking for Kenzie, Aria, Teachers Melanie and Barbora. Next week, Teacher Vrinda expects to have a full quorum. By end of the month, Oliver will be joining too during the mornings! Take care, see you all tomorrow.





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