Happy Valentine’s Day..see you tuesday!

A Very Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. It was a day full of fun and memories. While we could not go outside due to a rainy morning, we made the most of our day. I hope you enjoy the individual Valentine charms that the kids spent the morning making. They had fun picking the shapes they wanted to pin-poke and the morning flew by making each charm. Thank you Raisa for pin-poking and coloring one for Shlok! Lunch of macaroni with cheese sauce , sausages and vegetables was a wish lunch by some. It was fun to make it for them and hear them gleefully eat it commenting how much they enjoyed it. Thank you little ones :) Cheese sauce is mixed in by those as desired or dipped into making it more individual taste friendly. The day ended with two surprises...sour cream and fruit muffins made by Teacher Vrinda for the kids as a treat and the beautiful rainbow that nature created briefly during snack time! That just made for a special special day. Have a relaxing long weekend. Teachers Elizabeth and Vrinda look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. 






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