Mindfulness Yesterday, Valentine’s Day Tomorrow

Reminder: Friday, February 15 - Monday, February 18 4-Day Break

Tomorrow for Valentine’s Day tomorrow we will enjoy some art time and time permitting maybe a treat for ourselves. Children are not required to bring in treats. As is typical, they are encouraged to make something together. Let’s hope like today we are able to step out and enjoy some outdoor time too.

Below is the share from Teacher Deepti about the Mindfulness lesson yesterday.

“We started our session by getting into our mindful bodies. We all practiced breathing techniques like blowing the candle, elephant breath, snake breath, clap1,2,3. We read the book on feelings. We talked about being silly and scared. We discussed how and when we felt scared and silly. 

Next time we will talk about happy and sad feelings. If you get time please talk to child how and when they felt happy and sad. It is very important for them to distinguish between feelings.

We finally lay down and listened to the music. We imagined going to a fun place with family. How we did silly things and all of sudden there was thunderstorm and we pretended to get scared. It lasted for few seconds and then it was bright and sunny:)”






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