Stay dry and warm!

The winds and rain have already started. We are supposed to get a drenching. Stay safe, dry and warm indoors. Hope the elements do not create any disasters!

We could enjoy time outside and indoors today for which we are glad. The kids are already anticipating the next birthday celebration on Monday for Teacher Elizabeth as is Teacher Vrinda.

We will be adding another little 16 month old into our family starting March. Oliver will be joining us part time for now and expanding into full day by mid-August. With Oliver we will have 12 students  both for morning and afternoon/evening. In mid-April, we will be adding our next full day boy student Aviraj who will be nearly 2 years old. We will then be operating at the extended capacity of 13 students. The circle is slowly getting bigger but we are all ready for it. Teacher Vrinda is looking forward to adding the boys and observing the dynamics change. As always, time is being kept to absorb each addition.

All of us teachers are here for the families.

Have a wonderful weekend.





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