Dance, Dance, Mindfully!

While the day started grey, it ended with some very fun moments.

The children enjoyed some music and dancing during outdoors today.

The mindfulness lesson today involved reading a book which Teacher Vrinda thought did a great job of simplifying the talk of being a bully and how to get around. Even at these young ages, children do need to start learning. They enjoyed their games like tick tock, chanting and breathing peek-a-boo, bumble bee breadth, lying down to listen to a story and finally listening to the singing bowl.

Raisa shared a Punjabi song that she really likes to listen and dance to. Post evening snack, the children enjoyed dancing to it again and again then switched to another song in Hindi called Lakdi Ki Kathi before we stepped outside for some fresh air. It is lovely to have more daylight in the evening again!

See you all tomorrow.





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