Young Visitor Tomorrow

A young boy nearly 15 months old will be visiting us during outdoor time tomorrow with his mother. While it remains to be seen if he will join, Teacher Vrinda wanted to inform if visible in the shares or kids talk.

Meanwhile, it has been lovely to see sunshine over the last 2 days. The trip to the blue park was enjoyed yesterday as was the musicnlesson with Teacher Barbora and outdoor time today.

Today the children made some fun chalk art. There was a tall rainbow cake with little stones representing candles by Alexandra and Aria. Avni chose to make a rainbow cupcake that later turned into a rainbow chair. Vani created a garden named Avni in which a lady bug was there. The little ones enjoyed watching the creations and tried adding markings in them which got them a ‘shoo’ :) Meanwhile Shlok and Ridhi chased each other in circles while Ria and Laasya played a game of tag with Teacher Vrinda. Kenzie and Katherine took turns to cycle/scooter and run about and draw some too.

Until tomorrow.