4-day weekend coming up

Just wanted to remind everybody about the next long weekend in February. Both Friday (flex day) and Monday (Presidents Day) are off.

Please also mark off Monday 3/18 and Monday 4/1 as Flex Days off on your calendars.

Teacher Vrinda needs the Flex Days Off for a local/out of town college visits. 

You will notice a new rug for the classroom which is a little thicker. The children were spotted using the squares for playing hop-scotch :) The living room has also been updated which was noted by all.

Notes about our Mindfulness lesson today from Teacher Deepti. The children focused better today.

“We started our session by getting into our mindful bodies with the singing bowls. We read the book Mindful Monkey and Happy Panda. The book told us about our ‘monkey mind’ and how we can all be Happy Panda by being in the moment.

We made our choices if we wanted to stay a monkey or try to become Happy Panda! Please ask your child if they were Happy Panda today.

We practiced a new breath- The Snake Breath. It was lot of fun practicing that as our mouth became cool by doing this. This is a wonderful way to calm down. It works for the grownups too!

We practiced how to stay in rhythm with everyone by patting our thighs with our hands slowly and gradually increasing the speed. We all laughed and giggled as we froze after the exercise.

We all lay down like Happy Panda with our eyes closed imagining eating a fruit that we picked from the tree in front of us. That made all of us hungry, thankfully it was lunch time after our session!”