MLK Holiday - See you Tuesday!

It was lovely to meet with all the parents who could come in for the Winter Parent Social today evening! We missed those who could not make it in due to work/personal constraints. We hope to catch you at the Summer Parent Social/Graduation Day at the end of the semester!

The children were very excited about the party and ‘mommy-daddy’ coming in the evening. I love to see their enthusiasm for these gatherings...they do like to share the school house with their family. I hope you enjoyed the little musical treats shared by the children and Teacher Barbora today. They have learnt so much in the course of last semester. These were some of their favorite pieces.

Thank you to teachers Elizabeth, Melanie and Barbora for all their help with the eats, music and cleanup! It made the gathering special. The children have the benefit of so much care and love. Thank you parents for sharing your children with us and being part of our community! All of us teachers appreciate your support.

Have a relaxing MLK weekend. See you Tuesday.





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