Avni, our snack helper today!

Reminder: Parent Social tomorrow Friday, January 18@4:30 pm Teacher Vrinda very much appreciated the initiative and thoughtful help offered by Avni to so many of her peers today during evening snack...Shlok, Katherine, Mackenzie, Ridhi, Laasya, Ria. She helped get spoons of yoghurt into mouths. Her infectious enthusiasm to ‘finish’ helped shorten snack time tremendously and also ensured all ate their snack fast to come and play. Mackenzie, Katherine, Ria and Laasya after a spoon of help determined that they can do it though they enjoyed the audience and attention while eating :) Shlok and Ridhi on the other hand only opened their mouths for their friend! Teacher Vrinda loves to see these moments that only happen in a mixed age classroom. Nicely done Avni. Laasya joined in with Avni to get Kenzie to finish her orange so no one was left behind. It was a fun snack day today. Music with Teacher Barbora and playing outdoors were other notable moments today. We are all looking forward to our school’s “Winter Social” tomorrow and are assuming all parents can make it in. Raisa, Sanika and Nitin, you will be missed very much.






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