Mindful Yesterday, Cold Ourdoors Today

Reminder: Parent Social this Friday, January 18@4:30 pm


We had a wet wet day which kept us indoors. The children enjoyed the music and movement time in lieu of outdoor time albeit it was shorter. That said, the crew was more restless in general and we do have one jet-lag case settling in too. The mindfulness lesson had the older ones participating while the younger ones were frisky. Tick Tock game of course always gets their attention. Folks were ready to sleep off during the lesson too. It’s the weather that makes us all drowsy.


We colored on paper plates today during art. We hope to make paper plate dream catchers. The kids though have also decided they are coloring paper frisbees which Teacher Vrinda thought was a cool association. The outdoor time playing with the kitchen in the front porch made for a nice break. The kids enjoyed watching the rain and feeling the wind.

See you all tomorrow! 






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