Welcome, Katherine!

It was another first day back to school for all the children after the break. It was heartening to receive the smiling faces in the morning and spend the day with them. We will all get back into our daily rhythm by the end of the week ready to continue our learning journey. All the children noted and missed Laasya and Raisa. They are waiting for both of them to come back from India too...as is Teacher Vrinda! It was especially sweet to spend our first day with Katherine as a full time student at Avid Kids Circle. A warm welcome to Katherine from all of us. You had an awesome day full of smiles and curiosity. While there were few tears to leave trusted dad’s side in the morning or the tears for parents on waking up, overall, you bore the day really well. Mom-Dad, do show Katherine pictures of her playing at school so she remembers the ‘up’ moments. I am sure as the days pass, she will gain security, familiarity and make her own friends both human and objects. We saw the biggest mushroom ever in our outdoor walk today. The children enjoyed the new scissor and punching activities, it held their interest today. We sang, played, ate, rested and ate more. Cheese Ravioli was wolfed down by all with tomato sauce. Looking forward to more days back with the ‘Avid’ crew. Teacher Melanie plans to be with us on Monday-Wednesday-Friday mornings and at school on Tuesday-Thursday this semester. Teacher Elizabeth and Vrinda will be there all days as usual. Teacher Deepti and Barbora will continue their lessons on Tuesday-Thursday. 

See you all tomorrow.






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