Happy 2019 to the Avid Family!

A very very Happy New Year to each family who makes up our Avid Kids Circle. I hope everybody has had a happy and healthy winter break thus far and is looking forward to the remaining few days before we all get back to the spring semester.

It has been nice to travel around with family across Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas but Teacher Vrinda is looking forward to driving back home, getting the classroom ready for the students and meeting them soon. I hope they are looking forward to getting back to school as the teachers!

The picture above was a beautiful display...a bed of glittering tulips, a yellow ducky and lollipops surrounding an enchanting glittery gazebo. It made me think of the children and our Gazebo Park and ducks back home. May the new year be glittery, beautiful and filled with as many memories as the sea of flowers picturized.






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