Music and Blue Park

Teacher Barbora’s class was moved from Thursday/tomorrow to today since we were going to have more kids today. Two more depart today for their holidays. Safe travels for the journeys. Children enjoyed playing sound games, cutting, gluing, puzzles and more in the morning. Teacher Barbora reviewed many of the songs the children have learnt with her and the new airplane song. It was fun to record another new song with Teacher Barbora...’Feliz Navidad’ on the ukelele. Teacher Barbora and all of us wish each of you Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year! What better way to wish than to sing it together. The kids have been practicing the lyrics this week so they could sing with her. The children wished to visit Blue Park again and so we did. It was cold so we walked briskly and as always enjoyed our time at the park. Ria was busy mastering the circular pole slide while the rest enjoyed running around, sliding and more. Sandwiches were polished quickly followed by much needed rest. Have a good evening...until tomorrow! 






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