Grateful Laughing Circle

Our numbers are dropping as we are approaching Friday :) Ridhi departs tomorrow for sunny Florida too.

As shared over Brightwheel, 8-month Old Nathan’s parents visited today. He is waitlisted to join next fall. In 1.5 hours he got quite comfortable and left smiling...the power of children who ease each other in. Teacher Vrinda was impressed that he sat through the 30-min mindfulness lesson quite fascinated and watchful.

Below is the share from Teacher Deepti for the session today.

“We started our session with an activity- the gratitude tree! We wrote what we are grateful/ thankful for in 2018 on the leaves and put them on the tree. The tree will stay in school and we will keep adding our gratitudes. Gratitudes today were:

Aria: My Family

Alexandra: My Hugs

Ria: My Home

Shlok: Pink

We practiced the dragon breath and peek a boo breath. There were lot of giggling as we practiced them. It was truly a treat to see everyone giggle.

We jumped and felt our heart beat. We relaxed and did it again.

We read how Mrs.K helped herself when she got a boo-boo.

The best way to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019 is to laugh and enjoy! That’s what we did today...catch us breathing, laughing and listening for sounds.

I will see all the kids in 2019.

May we all be happy.

May we all be healthy!” Deepti 





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