Outdoor/Indoor Mindfullness

Today Teacher Deepti arrived early during outdoor time so we had outdoor/indoor mindfulness lesson. 

Outdoors we worked on mindful walking both super slow and fast. 

We then played the game of follow the leader as asked and then opposite. Opposite following requires one to process the request, revert it and execute which is not easy. Children took turns to pick the leading action and gave instructions to be followed in opposite ways. 

We sat in the Gazebo on the carpet to hold hands and play tick-tock, listen to the singing bowls, compare them, reviewed different breathing techniques and then headed indoors.

Indoors, we worked on breathing, gave ourselves a hug to recognize our daily efforts and indulge in some self recognition and finally we lay down to listen about our special bubble which we love so much and shared our wishes with it. We are able to lie for a longer time now. 

Post lunch, we all slept because the days are cold and kids do tire out with the morning activities especially the little ones.

We do hope all our friends who are traveling are enjoying their earlier holidays. We know Aanya is enjoying family time in India and remembers us too. When the bell rings in the afternoon, Raisa is remembered and then we all remember she is on vacation and it’s Diya ringing the bell. Laasya is enroute and likely about to reach her family in India too. Avni-Vani are looking forward to their trip to fly next Monday too. Multiple countdowns continue. Teacher Vrinda is looking forward to seeing everybody back in January already. She likes her time with the kiddos very much.

See you all tomorrow.







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