Happy Friday

Today’s highlight was our walk to the green in front of the Radio Station...the duck, duck, goose park. We had a blast playing the game there and then tag after since it is a large green and allows more free running. Enjoy the captures of the play and the impromptu see-saw play was a fun watch. Kids took turns to play see-saw with each other. Teacher Vrinda is always intrigued how kids make up games and plays on their own. Creative minds.

Crepes made at lunch were another highlight. Teacher Vrinda has been doing lunches akin to 12-days of Christmas...Pre holidays, the foods loved and favored by kids are lined up along with some new...crepes, noodles, pot stickers, spring rolls, paneer, garbanzo bean curry, naan, beans, hummus, pita bread and many other foods lined up are all favorites.

End of term conferences are in swing too. Please  do schedule some time for your child if you have not already!

Have a great weekend.







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