Spy who we saw today...

We enjoyed a morning of bead work and then we met many different creatures...ducks, geese, crows, dogs and yes a rabbit if you can spy him in the picture while on our walk outdoors to the Green Park lookout point. All of us were trying to catch some fresh air while not raining. Since the parks were wet, we kept to trails and running up/down the lookout point. Those kids who have rain boots, please do bring them to school for morning walks especially on/after rainy days for puddle jumping. Regular shoes get wet and socks too so Teacher Vrinda needs to curtail to save wet feet.

Rainy wet weather is certainly making us sleepy and sneezy. Please continue to layer the kids for the weather. Appreciate the warm jackets sent in. 

Reminder to all parents desiring conference time to schedule them with Teacher Vrinda.

Until tomorrow. 






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