Mindfulness Chants

A cold cold day it was today. Please do make sure that the kids have appropriate weatherproof  jackets to protect them outdoors for 50-60 mins. Here is a share from Teacher Deepti for our mindfulness session today.

“The session began by getting into our mindful bodies with the singing bowls. We re-read the book Rosie’s Brain. It is important for us to realize how our brain functions when we are sad, mad or upset and how we can calm ourselves down. 

The older kids are getting better day by day and it is a treat to see them follow the instructions. 

We practiced the different breathing techniques like tracing our fingers and 1,2,3- clap.

We continued to balance our energy centers by chanting on exhale. The loud, synchronized chants produce vibrations in our minds and bodies that calms our minds and relaxes our bodies. This is one time when no one stops us for using loud voices and we all enjoy that a lot!!

We all lay down with our eyes closed and imagined ourselves in a pink bubble where we let our happy thoughts fill the bubble. The pink bubble disappeared and the blue bubble came. We filled the blue bubbles with our wishes. We even told the blue bubble to go and tell Santa what we want!!“ 

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