Bye bye November

The week has flown by and it is time to bid adieu to November. The year is also flying by as we say  hello to December.

We look forward to kickstarting December with Avni-Vani’s birthday celebrations on Monday. The cake plans have been made with the birthday duo. Monday will be very busy with not 1 but 2 cakes to be baked for the 4:15/4:30 pm birthday celebration.

Teacher Vrinda has completed the developmental profile reports for all kids. This is a bi-annual activity and is used for parent-teacher conferences. Those new to developmental profile reports can read more about them using the links below.

Infant/Toddler (0-2.5/3 years) 

Preschooler (2.5/3+ years)

Teacher Vrinda is happy to meet with families for 30 minutes to share the report and use the opportunity to converse on milestones, the efforts thus far and more if desired. As always, conversations can be set up as needed.

Have a good weekend and please share what time would be convenient for 1:1 conversation.






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