Music, New Scarves, Parachute fun!

Teacher Vrinda had been hearing all Teacher Barbora coming today? We have been counting days across last week and this week. Today we had a longer than usual music lesson to compensate and what fun it was. We played many songs with new scarves purchased for the children and of course the rhythms sticks, egg shakers and more. Teacher Barbora brought in the parachute which was thoroughly enjoyed too. The picture above is of the parachute exercise where the kids lay down while the teachers made the parachute blow up and down over while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It was intended to be relaxing but the kids were too excited to relax!

The shorter outdoor time and brisk walk to the Lookout Point was fun and energizing. The food was eaten up quickly by most...Teacher Vrinda missed capturing and by the time she remembered, the plate had been emptied :)

We missed our friends who are recuperating at home from cough/fever. We hope they can join us back. The school feels too quiet without all our friends :)

See you all tomorrow.






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