Time is Finite

As the talks of our next birthdays this Sunday carry on, Teacher Vrinda realizes more than ever that time is finite with each child here at Avid Kids Circle. Avni-Vani will turn 4 on Sunday and the school birthday celebration is on Monday, December 3 at 4:30 pm. They have both been busy singing the birthday song for each other as only children can. The friends join in and so birthdays and celebrations remain in the air.

The realization of passing time had Teacher Vrinda catching each child in a moment today when they were happy and blissful. Enjoy the captures. The clouds passing over the sun created some interesting moments outdoors and had each child wondering why it would get dark sometimes. It was interesting to realize the natural phenomenon while outdoors.

Coughs, colds and low grade fevers are bothering many of us. We hope to get past this round of flu symptoms. Winter is making its presence felt.

Take care. See you all tomorrow.






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