Mindful y Thankful

It has been a cold, cloudy, rainy day. We were glad that the morning was not rainy so we could enjoy outdoor time. The meal and rest was timely giving most of us time to play together in the evening. Here’s Teacher Deepti’s share for today’s mindfulness lesson. 

“Our little minds were restless so we started our lesson with lot of giggling and talking. Soon, we all settled down on our mats and practiced mindful breathing. Does it not feel surprising that by now most of us know what mindful bodies are and what mindful breathing is? We listened to Hurricane Lemonade and practiced blowing the feathers on our exhale. Then we felt the feathers on our face, back of our hands and our legs. It was ticklish and relaxing!

We used Kimochis to talk about our feelings. The two feelings we talked today were- Sad, Scared and Thankful/Grateful. We went around the circle to talk about our feelings. It is important for us to know that feelings are natural and it’s okay to feel the way we feel. What we need to learn is how to respond to our feelings. For that we practice mindfulness!

Today we tried keeping our hands on our partner’s belly to feel it go up and down as we inhaled and exhaled.

We continued with our chants, practiced various breathing techniques and finally lay down to relax, unwind and get ready for the rest of the day as the music played in the background.“ 

Have a good evening. See you tomorrow.







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