Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You!

First, here is a message from the children. “Thank You Mom(my), Dad(ddy), Sisters, Brothers, Grandma, Grandpa, Nanu, Nani, Dadu, Dadi, Aunty, Uncle, Bui, Teachers, Friends, Me/I for making us happy every day.” Teachers Uma and Vinod were remembered, how very thoughtful. Teacher Vrinda thought that the children did a great job listing the many relationships they are thankful for. In answering “why” they were thankful, the response was simple - “They make us happy.” We teachers are thankful for this classroom of thoughtful children and parents who love, cherish and support their children and in turn our efforts with them. Teacher Vrinda’s one regret certainly is that she did not start her teaching journey earlier. This is one step she is most thankful for since it has brought her in touch with young children, parents, fellow teachers and a work that makes her want to get up daily just to welcome the children ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door. May each of you have a Happy Thanksgiving, celebrating with family or friends. The brownies were baked today with each parent in mind...it is a small token of our thanks to you. We missed the children who were not here today. Have a safe and fun-filled Thanksgiving Break. See you all on Monday, November 26. 







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