Mindful Thank You

It is Thanksgiving week and so a thank you to Teacher Deepti for her energy and lessons with the children every week. It is lovely to see our older students focus and actually raise their hands when they hear the singing bowl stop or each child try to find their ‘center’ as they rock. Watching many gleefully rub their hands before they put them on their eyes, heart or tummy is a treat. Teacher Vrinda could not have taught them so many ways to breathe, jump and feel their hearts beat. Chanting together, laying down and listening is not easy but with practice we are doing it. The most important thing to thank for is a teacher, a thoughtful guide who cares, shares and make us dare.

Thank you Teacher Deepti for your lessons that are enriching the children. We as adults also need to remember to breathe and it is good to have that weekly reminder. We are glad you are part of making Avid Kids Circle and all of us a mindful place and community.

We look forward to Day 3 with Katherine, missed Aria and thought of her having fun in LA with family, also happy journeys to Shlok and Aanya. Looking forward to a fun filled day tomorrow before the Thanksgiving Break.







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