Welcome Teacher Eli and Katherine

It was fun to have a new member Katherine (Alexandra’s sister) visit and spend half day with us until lunch. Other than a tearful goodbye with daddy, she had a very positive day. She learned to welcome friends in and watched them wave goodbye to their parents which is an important lesson. She quickly immersed in the different periods and activities until post lunch pickup. We look forward to seeing her until Wednesday.

Enjoy captures of the kids having fun dancing and singing, playing at leisure. While they are missing outdoor time, they are also getting to enjoy the classroom more...this immersion is good too.

Teacher Vrinda spent time over the weekend moving things around in the classroom and re-added some toys like the pirate ship and others given the extra indoor time. Kids seemed to be having fun discovering the changes. 

A full day with Teacher Elizabeth went well both for her and the kids. The kids are now comfortable reaching out to her too and interacted more which is nice to see. A warm welcome to Teacher Eli. Kids want to call her Eli.

Until tomorrow.







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