Not another fire...

The air quality advisory continues and now we have another 19 acre fire in the Santa Cruz mountains. Please be safe and stay indoors. The children are all talking about the smoke in the air after 8 days of being bound indoors and more of the same on the horizon. It has not been easy to be constrained but we have tried to be creative across the week immersing in music, dance, reading, art, cooking and playing instead of being outdoors. We continue to wish for rain to get a break.

Today was a free play, pizza cooking and art day for the kids. Many struggled with sleeping in the afternoon as shared likely for lack of outdoor activity.

Many of you got an opportunity to meet with Elizabeth or Elli as she is called at home. She came in at 3:00 pm and stayed on until 6pm so kids and parents could get acquainted with her. She also got to see the classroom in action during the afternoon snack and pickup time. Thank you for asking about Teacher Ranjini who is recuperating from the same fever bug as her son. We wish her the best and thank her for her time and energy spent here at Avid Kids Circle.

Have a restful weekend. We look forward to a full day with Elli and a half-day with Catherine (Alexandra’s sister) who will start her acclimation visits for January start.






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