Holiday Party - Mon Nov 19 or Jan, 2019?

Holidays are fast approaching and so Teacher Vrinda wants to check if families can join for a school holiday party the coming Monday, November 19@4:30 pm? If not next week, we will have it in January after winter holidays since some kids and families may be traveling post thanksgiving. Please RSVP by tomorrow evening if joining on Monday, November 19 would be feasible or if January (Friday, January 11, 2019) is preferred.

Meanwhile, we continue to be indoors during the outdoor period since Friday. The AQI this morning was at 85 (moderate/yellow) and thus the continued indoor free play. Let’s hope we get back in 50 and under/green zone. Our high school is continuing sports practices indoors too thus far. It is sad to read about the death toll and continued fire control efforts.

Teacher Ranjini and Boy Aarya have also been missing and battling a fever that Boy Aarya came down with on Friday evening. We wish the best and continued recovery there too. We appreciate containing the flu at home. Teacher Vrinda is glad Teacher Barbora, Teacher Melanie and Teacher Nani have been able to substitute to cover instead.

Today we indulged in reading books given the extra time indoors. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. They also wished for more music and dancing so we did that too.

Enjoy the captures. See you all tomorrow.






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