Mindfullness is right

Just today Teacher Vrinda received a note from her son’s high school. The 9th graders will be participating in an 8-week Mindfullness program given the research backing that mindful thought training is good for young children. Here at Avid Kids Circle, we are really starting it young at 18 months! It never ceases to surprise us teachers when we see children expanding their minds and bodies, training to listen to a voice talking or a bowl singing or how creatively they are being taught to feel their bodies, learning to calm themselves and so much more. Not a believer in short exposures, we engage in mindfullness lessons every week, all year round.

Here is a summary of today’s lesson by Teacher Deepti. 


We started our session by getting into our mindful bodies, sitting quietly and listening to the singing bowl! We are learning fun ways to focus on our breaths. Today, we clapped at count of 3, took a deep breath in and out then rubbed our hands to generate heat. First we put our hands on our cheeks, then on our heart and finally on our eyes. We continued to balance our energy centers by chanting on exhale. The loud, synchronized chants calms our minds and relaxes our bodies. We practiced elephant breathing. We pretended our arms as elephant trunk and exhaled as we brought our trunks above our heads. We played a mindful game of rolling our arms slowly and fast. Then we did the opposite! At the prompt of slow, we rolled our arms fast and at the prompt of fast we rolled our arms slowly! These types of mindful games help us train our mind to be in the present moment. Most of the time we run on an autopilot mode and it is very important to be in the present moment. The way our body needs physical workout, our mind needs mental workout. We all lay down quietly thinking of happy thoughts and imagined the person whom we love sitting next to us. We shared our happy thoughts with our favorite person. Then a cloud came floating by, we gave special names to our cloud. Some of the names were- Cloudy, Trainy and Fluffy ( so creative!). We shared our happy thoughts with the cloud as it drifted away high up in the sky. Now we know that we have a special cloud in the sky with whom we can share our thoughts. Thanksgiving is around the corner. This is the perfect time to talk to kids about things we are thankful for. Spend sometime talking about this. The more gratitude we have for things we have, more good things we will attract in our lives! I am thankful to Teacher Vrinda and all of you for trusting me to teach the kids Mindfulness!







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