Work, Music, Play, Eat, Sleep, Eat, Play...

Reminder: Monday, November 12 is Veterans Day Holiday.

The title summarizes our day.

After individual work, we enjoyed the music lesson with Teacher Barbora. We reviewed beats in quarter, half, whole notes via claps and rhythm sticks. We reviewed the different musical notations used for beats, followed some sample music measures, sang many favorite songs and a new one taught today.

At the Green Park, there were games of chase between the young and games of enacting movie like sequences. Teacher Vrinda and kids took turns to enact...chicken dance, melody singing, recitations and more. It was fun to do this under the sun.

Post lunch, the crew napped peacefully while Raisa worked on her puzzle and spying/reading after. Diya worked quietly on her alphabet sounds.

Now that Diwali is done, it is time to lookout for Thanksgiving Days!






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