Mindful Breathing

Below is a link to an article Teacher Vrinda recently read as part of her ‘Introduction to Special Needs’ class she is taking this semester. The reading was related to this week’s topic ‘Emotional Disturbances’ that spans anxiety, bi-polar, psychotic, eating, conduct, oppositional disorders and more. The article in short shares the physiology of anxiety, it’s development and how we can help children. As parents and teachers, very often we operate from instincts but slowly with time, reading and retraining, we can become better listeners and supporters. It was also great to see the article share how ‘mindfulness’ training is beneficial. Glad we are initiating here with Teacher Deepti! Hope you find the reading insightful.


Here are notes from the mindfulness lesson today from Teacher Deepti:

Happy November!! We started our session by getting into our mindful bodies, sitting quietly and listening to the singing bowl! Older children are certainly focusing on the sound of the singing bowl. They have also been using bubble timers all week 

We used our breathing ball to share how we are feeling today and used it to take few breaths. Most of us were feeling HAPPY!

We continued to balance our energy centers by chanting on exhale. The loud, synchronized chants calms our minds and relaxes our bodies.

We learned to do elephant breathing. We pretended our arms as elephant trunk and exhaled as we brought our trunks above our heads.

As, always we all lay down with our eyes closed imagining ourselves inside a gigantic pink bubble. We talked to the bubble if anything was making us unhappy, the bubble then flew away taking our unhappy thoughts away. Then we imagined ourselves inside a blue bubble that relaxed our body parts. We waved goodbye to the blue bubble as it flew away.

See you all tomorrow.






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