Heads Up: Next Monday, Nov 12 Day Off

I wanted to remind all parents that school will be off next Monday for Veterans Day. Please do make a calendar note for it. Next break will be for Thanksgiving spanning Nov 22, 23.

In this last weekend, the clocks moved back an hour so we are no longer on daylight saving time.  The evenings are darker by 5:15 pm or so which isn’t exciting...sadly we are heading towards winters. The year is starting to close in on us! Kids will likely take the week to switch their bodies but given earlier daylight, mornings start earlier. We took a relaxed day doing some painting and play. Everybody who naps slept off likely due to the change in time.

Outdoor time started a little earlier and we enjoyed all the sunlight we can get. The sprinklers kicked off which had the kids super excited. Much tag was played. Kids at getting faster in catching.

Until tomorrow!







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