Boy Aarya - Get Better Soon!

Late morning did not start off so well. Boy Aarya had a slide accident at the elementary school for which Teacher Ranjini had to rush out. Teacher Nani substituted in at short notice which was immensely helpful. Dad’s day off at home suddenly got a little restricted for some periods but all for good reason. We do hope Boy Aarya recovers from his fall quickly.

We made it a Park day outside especially since reading about camping got the kids a little excited. Teacher Vrinda will put up tents for them next week. The tunnels, school bus and barbecue was put to good use as was the rainbow pen which is very much liked by all. They all like their colorful ‘jail’.

Despite the not so good start, we made the best of the day. Boy Aarya was thought for by all. It is good to see children care and think about the missing one.

Have a good weekend. I hope the runny/sniffly noses do better next week also.






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