Teacher Barbora...Songs?

There is one teacher who is greeted with special affection. Yup, when Teacher Barbora walked in with her guitar case and black bag of musical delights, the classroom turned joyful. Periodic events are a great way for children to learn that things happen again and again...they trust when they say bye that music will happen again on another Thursday.

Ridhi will remember on other days...Teacher Barbora...songs? Today Shlok walked all the way across to the rug to greet her. It is lovely to see them love the lessons she prepares for them. Many have learnt how many beats in a quarter bite, half note or whole note in the last few months besides the many songs she has exposed them to.

Today row row row your boat toon on a new twist. Amidst rhythm sticks, shakers, guitar, scarves, claps, movements, musical note cards, much musical learning is taking place.

In case you wonder why the rug is different today, it needed to be put in for a wash so we have an alternate in place.

Until tomorrow.







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