Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Bread...

Have fun watching captures of the music session today. The new rhyming song ‘Pumpkin Pumpkin, Pumpkin Bread...’ had Kenzie in splits while the rest enjoyed trying to sing and clap-tap it out. Teacher Barbora sang it out twice for the kids on request. One-Two Buckle My Shoe was also sung twice on the recorder per request. It is nice to see them expressing their enjoyment and asking for an encore :) The new song of opposites using the shaker was a fun add to their repertoire. Ridhi was in her element whether having words to echo or popping her corn or following other movements. Shlok and Aanya joined in some too and will continue to with exposure and development.

Today Aanya had her first sleepover at school. She surprised us all with not crying at all, enjoying jumping about her new bed, getting acclimatized to the new afternoon sleep environment. Nice job, Missy! Thank your for your trust.

To all parents...we were at the strength of 12 in the afternoon and will be at 13 ( 12 preschoolers and 1 after-schooler) in November and then again in January. Our morning strength will be 11 if not full 12 in January. The children continue to grow and we continue to try and instill thoughtful social behavior as much as we can.







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