Halloween Countdown - 1 week

We are down to 1 week prior to Halloween. Looking forward to all the kids dressing up during school and of course the evening trick n treats. Rockport Ave and Gossamer Cove neighborhood does come alive on Halloween.

Cleanup was on the cards today. Anabela came in for house cleaning today...this is atypical but Saturday cleaning is being revisited. Let’s see if Wednesday can be done while we are outdoors. Today worked out well. Some often used toys were also given a cleaning today. Finally, pine needle clusters were certainly in use today to sweep around on the playground. So much so that Aanya who loves to cover herself with wood chips was given a brushing by some of the kids too. 

Orange mushrooms were checked out again while at the park. Be rest assured that all kids have been instructed to not touch mushrooms we see in the wild since they can be poisonous and we are not knowledgeable on wild mushrooms. We do keep an eye and remind not to touch however much the temptation.

There was some impromptu singing pictured above which is always fun to watch.







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