Mindful Tuesdays

Below is the share from Teacher Deepti about the mindfulness lesson today. Teacher Vrinda felt the older kids are slowly learning to ‘try’ to close their eyes and focus, listen a little better. Nice to see these incremental improvements.

“We are learning our routine for mindful Tuesdays. We all sat in a circle and listened to the singing bowl very quietly. Then we put our mindful listening ears on to hear the sounds around us. We noticed that when we are quiet and mindful we can hear many more sounds. 

We continued reading the book and pretended smelling flowers as we took a breath in and blowing birthday candles as we breathed out. We played a game where we had to follow the instructions. It went like this: jump, jump, jump, stop. Jump, stop, stop, jump. Stop, stop, stop, jump. There were lot of giggles as we tried to listen carefully and follow the instructions. We shared as a group when we feel loved and happy. Most of us felt loved and happy when mommy and daddy played with us!! We all lay down as the music started and imagined our special star with whom we can share all our secrets and wishes. We gave it a name, color/s and whatever we could think of. It was nice and relaxing to lie down with soothing music. In the end we sat in pairs and shared with each other about our “Special Star”. By doing this we are learning to be a good listener, a good friend, and are learning to express ourselves!” 

— Teacher Deepti







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