Happy ‘Dusshera’ Friday

It has been busy week and day so Teacher Vrinda is ready for the weekend! 

This friday like the last one had Teacher Melanie spending time in the classroom both as a teacher and also to observe/follow the activities as part of her ‘Early Childhood Observation and Assessment’ curricular work. Teacher Vrinda has completed this coursework and thus the observation work is known to her. Teacher Ranjini took the time today to follow up on a doctor’s appointment.

Children enjoyed some clay modeling, Spanish group time, sand park play and the exciting Halloween decorations that has them learning new words like graveyard, tombstones...scary stuff as some noted :) As you will see in the captures, our youngest to our oldest are all bonding well and at ease with each other. The older ones are often helping the younger ones expand their comfort zones...those are Teacher Vrinda’s favorite little observations.

A happy Dusshera to those celebrating today. Have a fun weekend. See you all on Monday.







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