Multiply Fun with many ‘n’s

The only way to describe today is ‘Funnnnnn....’. 

The children enjoyed dressing up in Indian outfits and dancing to wrap up the Indian Navratri celebration and also to ring in Dusshera...the 10th day when according to the Indian mythology King Ram (an avatar of lord Vishnu) won over Ravan (demon King of Lanka) and started the return back to his kingdom. His return to the Kingdom is celebrated as ‘Diwali’ with lamps, fireworks and yes, as you would guess...dressing up and food :)

Having a music lesson with Teacher Barbora after dressing up and dancing added few more n’s to fun. Teacher Barbora also joined in the dancing.

Having more dancing and singing with friends in the evening continued adding more n’s to the fun today.

Enjoy the captures.

Teacher Vrinda enjoyed many little things in the spirited day. Ria held Ridhi’s hands to make her follow the movements with Teacher Barbora. Vani reached out to Ridhi in the evening to come hold hands and join in the dancing circle which Ridhi did. Shlok sitting with Teacher Barbora happily chanted ‘Cat Cat Cat Cat’. All the kids together decided they did not want to change before music lesson but after it. Aanya, Shlok, Ridhi our current youngest all tried to ‘clap’ their sticks with each other.

A big ‘Thank You’ to Teacher Nani who lead the idea of having the kids dress up and dance ‘dandiya’ (dancing with sticks) here at school. Not only did she bring in outfits, bindis (dot on the forehead) and bangles for the girls, she also helped make puris for kids to enjoy at lunch.

It is fun to leave what is a ‘work’ day and just fill the hours instead with music, laughter, dressing up and enjoying company. It was a special day. Very soon it will be time for another one...Halloween!!






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