Dress up and Dance Tomorrow

At Avid Kids Circle we try to celebrate different cultures. Families are welcome to share special days, rites or foods associated with them so that children even at these very young ages learn to embrace cultural differences and similarities. Cultural and language differences need not be limited to the four walls of a home but extend beyond it. In our multi-cultural Bay Area, we have many differences uniting us.

The last few days (9 all together) in much of India are celebrated as ‘Navratri/Devi/Durga Pooja’. There are days when Goddesses are worshipped and fed. Today was day 8 and tomorrow is day 9. In some parts like the state of Gujarat, the celebration also includes nightly dancing along with prayers. Little girls are treated as Goddesses and thus worshipped on day 8 or 9.

Thank you Saloni-Abhishek for sharing semolina halwa (no nuts) and black garbanzo beans with Shlok’s friends today. Teacher Vrinda shared bags with the kids to take home and enjoy with their families.

Tomorrow morning, Teacher Nani plans to lead a little dancing session with the kids tomorrow. She has organized some Indian ethnic outfits for the children. The kids who have outfits are welcome to bring in too. The intent is to just enjoy and have fun. Interestingly, the dancing involves claps or rhythm sticks as the kids have been learning in music!

The menu will be altered tomorrow to Indian to go along with the impromptu dancing plan. 

See you all tomorrow.







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