Pizza Making Day

It was a fun day when Teacher Vrinda made pizza dough for the kids. They saw the process of mixing, kneading, rising and then each made their own 6-inch cheese pizza pies on little trays. The younger kids were helped by Teacher Ranjini and the pizzas were made for the infants. Pizza pies topped with marinara sauce and cheese were baked and eaten up quickly. So quickly that many headed for an earlier nap time!

Strawberries for snack were also gobbled along with milk/yoghurt and so we enjoyed some extra outdoor time in the evening.

Halloween continues to be on the mind. Older kids are being heard discussing costumes. We can’t wait to see what each will dress up and come as. It is not mandatory to dress up. It is up to the child to decide what they would like to wear if at all. I am sure if they came as-is, we will have them pretend to be something they are comfortable being given the many props in the classroom! Halloween is celebrated on the day of at school. Yes, it is the one day when Teacher Vrinda distributes sweets. Please plan to attire them in something that is easy to wear, takenoff or on.

See you all tomorrow.






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