It was a day of fun with Teacher Melanie who could spend her full day with us. It was nice to see that all the kids remembered her, even little Riddhi or Shlok. We all had fun crafting our pumpkins with pencils, scissors, colors and glue or playing with dough. Yes, we went to the Sand Park if you see sand on us. We enjoyed the decorated homes along the way noting the Halloween characters at other homes. 

After a restful evening, the other surprise was some Halloween Decorating fun at the school house. The kids have been wondering and wishing when our school house will be decorated. We had fun watching Vidur and Teacher Melanie putting up the lights, ghosts, skeleton and more. As you can guess, the crew was super excited. In Raisa’s words, “Now we have a scary school house!”. She also enquired if Teacher Vrinda will give out sweet candies on Halloween. Yes, that is certainly a day when Teacher Vrinda will share sweet candies :)

We hope Teacher Ranjini continues to recover at home and we see her on Monday. The missing Boy Aarya was noted again by the older kids.

Have a restful weekend all. See you on Monday.






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