Music and Much Fun

There were so many fun moments this morning in class, during music, outdoor time or in the evening when we were played outside again.

The children in music are now trying recognize whole note, half note and quarter note musical notations along with holding these beats. They are getting better at the familiar songs and movements. The 30 minutes or so of joyful singing along with claps, rhythm stick taps, waving scarves, guitar or recorder play are energizing for all of us.

An impromptu pretend train sitting play at the Gazebo Park extended into running around as train carriages, playing train carriage catch and also trying to hold hands linked like train carriages and going around on the tracks, stopping at pretend stations and more. It was a lot of fun.

Kids enjoyed playing some games in the afternoon post snack and then running about outside.

Until tomorrow. Enjoy the captures from the day.






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