Off we go...

Walking in pairs in an orderly manner like tricycling, scootering, biking needs mastery and we are definitely getting there. The pairs variate and even are almost 2.5 year olds Ria/Kenzie get to lead younger kids while sometimes they are lead by our older students. They are all learning that their younger partners have shorter legs so they need to take shorter strides. It’s not about being in front but about keeping your partner order and paying attention to one’s place. It’s normal for kids this young to loose the tracking but they are reminded and very often by a peer. Chalk play at the park, Monkeying Aria and Alexandra (no we are not monkeys!) and rounds of tag and play made us all wish we did not have to head indoors. The captures tell the fun had. The water consumed on the return was indicative of the level of activity indulged! All in all a productive day.

Get better wishes to Teacher Ranjini as she nurses her home injury. Gratitude to Teacher Barbora and Avi for stepping in today and tomorrow as needed. As always, together we all help ensure coverage and safety of our children.






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