Mindfulness - It isn’t easy!

It was great to have all the kids back at school again. Shared below is Teacher Deepti’s recap on the mindfulness lesson today.


We started with mindful breathing and did tick tock- tick tock to find our center. Our little friends are getting better day by day! We read a book called Zero in which we learnt that everyone in this world has value. Like the number zero added after 1 makes it 10 which is a higher value. So we should all believe in ourselves. We learnt about a pretend balloon over our head that gets filled by our not so good feelings/ emotions. As the balloon keeps getting bigger, it starts to leak. To avoid that we check-in with one hand on our belly and other on the chest while breathing in and out. We did an activity with glitter and water. Each color glitter represents an emotion and how it fills clear water which is our mind when we are awake.  


Enjoy the captures. Teacher Vrinda reflects that mindfulness, thought and emotion control is the hardest to do whether as a child or as an adult. As Teacher Deepti whirled the water with the emotions in a bottle, the bottle reflected our mind at any point in time. Once a week during the mindfulness lesson, it is a reminder to all of us to find a few quiet minutes and as the kids sing out “Let it go!” :)







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