See you on Tuesday!

After much merriment today the kids are all looking forward to their long weekend for Columbus Day holiday as are teachers Ranjini and Vrinda.

Free art choice activity was enjoyed as was playing in the green park. Evening running around is always fun too.

Some conversations from the day walking back from the green park.

Laasya>I can’t drive as yet

Teacher Vrinda>Yes, you can’t. You have to be 15 and a half to drive. You are almost 3 and a half so you need to get to 4,5,6...15 and a half to drive. Avi can drive now.

Laasya>That’s lucky! I wish I could drive.

Ria>Me Papa’s car (as a black car drives by similar to dad’s)

Teacher Vrinda>That is not papa’s car. This is another car, somebody else’s that looks like papa’s car.

Ria>I saw ‘other’ car (tells dad at pickup)

There is a round of cold that has started in the classroom and some runny noses/sneezes were noted for some of the kids. Please do keep an eye out. No fever is accompanying so seems like a round of common cold.

Take care all. 






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