Old McDonald Had a Band!

Reminder: Coming Monday, October 8 is Columbus Day Holiday.

As always, we had a fun day. Even little Aanya is making the connection in a week that coming to school isn’t so bad after all. We appreciate her smiles more and more.

When Teacher Barbora started the new song ‘Old McDonald Had a Band’, Teacher Vrinda thought that great minds do think alike. Vrinda took Old McDonald to the Zoo yesterday while today he got a musical band :) The favorite songs were sung with Teacher B, newer ones reviewed, the new one introduced along with clapping beats. Music has all of us laughing and smiling. Children requested that Teacher Barbora join for outdoor time too which she very much did. Teacher Barbora, thank you for sharing your day with us.

Evening free play time and getting outdoors again by 4:30/4:40 pm is also the most favored time of all. Clean up is done very fast to get out :) Boy Aarya has all of them running around, riding on pretend trains and having a screaming time. So far the neighbors have not complained. Well, Teacher Vrinda would say, be glad they are running and being heard than sitting in front of some screen! Children having good old-fashioned fun is so important.

Enjoy the captures from the day. See you all tomorrow.







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