Old McDonald Went to the Zoo

Remimder: Coming Monday, October 8 is Columbus Day Holiday. 

It was fun working today and then making up the song ‘Old McDonald Went to a Zoo’ and singing it at group time today. Children thought of an animal in the zoo that Old McDonald would see, what the animal sounds like and we put it together in the song. There was a request that Old McDonald go to the ocean next :) The older children especially love these song alterations and being creative. For the younger students it is an exercise in extending their thought on the spot.

For outdoor time, the older children have been doing well in taking turns to partner walking with the younger children holding hands. We are working on the older ones remembering their place in the line and in turn their partner’s. The younger students like the partnership. We will resume biking/scootering once they start to get the ordering and partnering well. These days, walking is being preferred anyway.

Avni-Vani were missed but we know they would have had a fun day with their dear Dada-Dadi (paternal grandparents).

We hope Shloki (as he is fondly called) is doing better with the runny nose. Friend Ria especially wanted to know where her ward was :) The warm-rainy-cold weather switches sure test our systems.

See you all tomorrow.







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